where IT starts to evolve
sumĀ·ber [jav.] a place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.

Our mission

Come and envision!

Plant the seed

Getting started can be a struggle but all big things have small beginnings. We guide you to lay the foundation for a successful takeoff - market analysis, benchmarking, product strategy and finally kick in the after burner to lead efficiently right from the start.

Aim for the stars

To get better compete with those who are. We support you to take control and lead to gain advantage over your competitors by setting new benchmarks and challenging the status-quo. So let's go skyrocketing and once we reach the moon we take the next level.

Grow gradually

We help you reach your goals step-by-step and refine them once achieved. We believe work is never finished. Where others stop we add the biggest value to your business - stay on top by driving innovation and reduce your products total cost of ownership.

"Sumber" means origin - where novel things sprout and evolve.
Sumberly creates innovative, leading and sustainable software products by choosing best-fit technologies and enables its clients to get most of their IT by aligning people, processes and organization.

Our portfolio

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modern applications

IT systems modernization

Software Product Development


Analytics & Data Mining

Software Product Development


Cloud, Consulting, Coaching

Software Product Development

Our team

Come and join!

Wolfgang Schreiner

Wolfgang Schreiner

Founder, Product Developer

Wolfgang is a software enthusiast, independent consultant and founder of Sumberly with a professional background as a software architect, management consultant, and team lead in various industries. He is an outdoors-addicted spare-time triathlete with a passion for technology and traveling.

Anita Engleder

Anita Engleder

Solution Architect, Advisor

Anita is focused on product reliability and maximizing customer value. She started her career as a co-founder of two startups in the areas of social networks and new media and is Sr. Director DevOps at a company leading in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. She is a passionate hiker and fanatic about historical rallye cars.

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<your-name />

(Sr.) Product Engineer

We are searching for a fullstack dev with a proven track record in computer sciences or similar. Tasks include designing, coding, testing, deploying, documenting and monitoring product features. Angular, Git, Elasticstack, GKE and Golang skills required. Remuneration to be negotiated. Come and apply!

Our locations

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Located in the thriving centers of Linz and Vienna, we develop our products and enable our clients to excel - independent of locations and time zones.
Please refer to the map in case you care for an on-site meeting.